Amazon Announces Associate Referral Fees for Unbox Downloads

The [tag]Amazon Associates[/tag] program announced today that Associates can now earn referral fees on Unbox Video Downloads. Amazon [tag]Unbox[/tag] allows visitors to purchase or rent their favorite movies and TV shows by downloading and watch on their PC. Associates are eligible to earn 10%, a full 1.5% above the highest earnings tier, on all Unbox referrals (up to $1.50 per item). There is no limit to the number of items on which referral fees are earned.


Microsoft Launches Windows Vista

It’s here after 6 years and more than $25 billion in R&D. According to the research firm IDC, Windows Vista will be installed on more than 90 million computers worldwide in its first year, including 35 million in this USA generating sales of about $70 billion in products and services. According Wikipedia, Microsoft had originally hoped to have the operating system available worldwide in time for the 2006 holiday season. It was announced in March 2006 that the release date would be pushed back to January 2007, so as to give Microsoft and the 3rd party hardware/software companies additional time to prepare.


How to Check your Server for WordPress 2.1 Requirements

According to the WordPress Codex the requirements for the [tag]WordPress[/tag] 2 series are as follows: WordPress server requirements for Version 2.1: PHP version 4.2 or greater MySQL version 4.0 or greater (Optional) Apache mod_rewrite module (for clean URIs known as Permalinks) WordPress server requirements for Version 2.0: PHP version 4.2 or greater MySQL version 3.23.23 or greater (Optional) Apache mod_rewrite module (for clean URIs known as Permalinks) Many hosting providers might not meet the requirements for PHP and MySQL.


Squeezebox Wireless Network Music Player

Squeezebox v3 streams digital music or MP3 Internet radio stations to any digital and analog stereo over a home 802.11g wireless network. This device is the easiest way for music lovers to enjoy high-quality playback of their whole digital music collection (compressed and uncompressed audio files) anywhere in the home. [tag]Squeezebox[/tag] is easy to install. Once the SlimServer software is installed on your main music PC, running through the network setup wizard on the device itself is a snap. You can be streaming your digital music files to your existing stereo setup in a matter of minutes. The Squeezebox supports WEP and WPA security encryption too, so you won’t have freeloaders enjoying your wireless music.


Wikipedia to add Nofollow Attribute to Links

Wikipedia has added rel=”nofollow” onto URLs in the’s article namespace. This move was in response to a rumor of a “search engine optimization world championship” contest targeting Wikipedia. The attribute was implemented on January 20th. Here is an example from the Wiki Backlink page showing that the attribute has been inserted into the link code: Dmoz open directory


Performancing to Shut Down Partners Ad Network

Chris Garrett, [tag]Performancing[/tag] CEO, announced today that they will shut down the Partners Ad Network. Ads currently in the system will continue to run until the end of the month at which time the ad code will stop working. Bloggers are instructed to take ad code off their templates then. Remaining ad time will be refunded to advertisers. I suspect that their recent server move was part of the problem. For the past past week or so server problems were causing many of their publisher’s websites not to load (hang). I took the ad medallion off, put it back a few days later, then took it off again as my websites were still partial loading.