Performancing to Shut Down Partners Ad Network

Chris Garrett, [tag]Performancing[/tag] CEO, announced today that they will shut down the Partners Ad Network. Ads currently in the system will continue to run until the end of the month at which time the ad code will stop working. Bloggers are instructed to take ad code off their templates then. Remaining ad time will be refunded to advertisers.

I suspect that their recent server move was part of the problem. For the past past week or so server problems were causing many of their publisher’s websites not to load (hang). I took the ad medallion off, put it back a few days later, then took it off again as my websites were still partial loading.

So what’s left with the Ad Network and Metrics gone? They still have their Firefox plugin as well as the blog and forums. The Performancing blog was highly rated even by advanced bloggers. Looks like they are back to where they started.