Google Testing Hybrid AdSense Text and Link Ads

Google [[GOOG]] never stops innovating their AdSense product line. So far this year, we have seen first the testing then roll out of Google logos and Google Checkout icons in AdSense text ads.

The incorporation of links in AdSense text ads was first spotted more than a year ago. Lately, the ads have been seen with greater frequency. The ad show below was captured yesterday on a photography blog.

Hybrid Ad

I have marked the new links with a black arrow. In previous examples seen in larger 200x200px ads, the new links are preceded by the words, “Change to ads about:”. In the leaderboard size (728×90px) text ads, the links have appeared in the border preceded by word, “Related”.

I presume that clicking on one of the links will take you to a SERP of sponsored ads.

It is interesting that the AdSense ad shown above contains all the recent innovations: Google logo, Google Checkout icon, and the new links.

What about the non-standard matching border? That’s not a AdSense option. It was accomplished by wrapping the ad code in a div tag.