Google Universal Search is Good News for Bloggers

Google’s announcement yesterday is the thunderclap that bloggers have been anticipating. Gone are the search ‘silos’ — websites, images, news, blogs, etc. Now a single query will return all relevant results.

Marissa Mayer, Google VP for Search Products stated, “with universal search, we’re attempting to break down the walls that traditionally separated our various search properties and integrate the vast amounts of information available into one simple set of search results.

There are also new navigation elements and experimental features to help users better navigate the SERPs. These include contextual navigation links above the search results that allow “drill down” to specific types of information and a new universal navigation bar at the top of all Google web pages to provide easier navigation to your favorite Google products, such as Gmail. Yipee!

You can try the sample searches given by Google in the press release:

steve jobs
darth vader