Updating Palm OS and Windows XP for Daylight Saving Time (DST) Shift

OK, it’s not exactly Y2K again. However, you could find yourself missing a flight or worse. Starting this year, daylight saving time (DST) start and end dates for the United States will change to comply with the Energy Policy Act of 2005. DST dates in the United States will start three weeks earlier, at 2:00 A.M. on the second Sunday in March. DST will end one week later, at 2:00 A.M. on the first Sunday in November. You will need to update your computer OS first (Windows XP only). Then, your Palm device. Backup (sync) your Palm device before you start the updating process. Reference Links Cumulative Time Zone Update for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Daylight Saving Time Update for Palm OS Devices Seize the Daylight: The Curious and Contentious Story of Daylight Saving Time


Upgrade to WordPress 2.1.1 in a Snap!

Yet another security release for [tag]WordPress[/tag]. The new version includes about 30 bug fixes, mostly minor things around encoding, XML-RPC, the object cache, and HTML code. Due to the possible security issue, all WordPress users are urged to upgrade to the newest version. This time around upgrading is a bit easier. Especially, if you are going from WordPress 2.1 to WordPress 2.1.1. Here’s how to do it quickly:


Number of Homes with HDTV to Triple Worldwide by 2011

‘HDTV: A Global Analysis’, a new research report from Informa Telecoms & Media, forecasts that there will be 151 million homes worldwide with HDTV by the end of 2011 – more than three times the number at the end of 2006. Once restricted to a handful of markets, HDTV is now appearing on a worldwide scale. At the end of 2006, the US had 27.7 million [tag]HDTV[/tag] homes – a 58% global marketshare, followed by Japan with a 20% share.


The Complete Web 2.0 Directory

The last word in [tag]Web 2.0[/tag] directories comes from Orli Yakuel – A Web 2.0 promotion specialist and writer of the popular blog Just a small snippet is shown above! I highly recommend that you go take a look at the directory. I had no idea there were so many Web 2.0 applications and services on the internet. As usual, it’s best if you are on a broadband connection. Make sure to try selecting services by using the pulldown tag cloud. Awesome!


LaCie F.A. Porsche 320GB External Hard Drive

I have to admit that I have a number of external hard drives all made from separately purchased enclosures and drives. Plug and play external drives were just not to my liking due to both cost and design. Those days are coming to end with the availability of devices like the LaCie F.A. Porsche Series. Previously, there were 100GB, 160GB and 250GB models… and now a 320GB model (shown here) is available.


Amazon adds Keyword and Category Targeting for Omasake Ads

[tag]Amazon[/tag] Omasake Ads, also called Amazon [tag]Contextual[/tag] Ads, were launched last October. Omakase is a Japanese word that means for “leave it up to us”, “make the decision for me”, or “chef’s choice”. As with Google AdSense ads, you left it to Amazon to select the most appropriate ads based on your page content. Initial feedback from [tag]Amazon Associates[/tag] was mixed as Amazon often served ads drastically unrelated to page content. Recently, an Advanced Setting Link with a dropdown box has appeared on the Omasake Set-up Panel. See the screen capture below. According to Amazon, “under the Advanced Settings link we offer limited features for adding keywords, stop-words and for restricting the categories of product shown”.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Available for Pre-Order on

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be the 7th book in the Harry Potter series of novels by J. K. Rowling. It will feature the final adventures of Harry Potter as he attempts to bring an end to his nemesis, Lord Voldemort. The title for the seventh book was revealed on December 21st, 2006 by the publisher and on J.K. Rowling’s website. Yesterday, it was officially announced that the release date of the book will be July 21st, 2007. Speculation continues as to which character will die in the seventh and final book of her wildly popular series. J. K. Rowling has stated that she has no intention of writing any further stories about the [tag]Harry Potter[/tag] characters. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be the last book in the Harry Potter series.