WidgetBucks launches Pre-Designed and Custom Ad Widget Skins

WidgetBucks SkinWidgetBucks has introduced pre-designed and custom ad skins for their well-known WidgetBucks widgets. Publishers have two choices – choose from a gallery of over 125 pre-designed skins to apply to new and existing ad widgets or use the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tools to add their own unique look-and-feel to ad widgets

The gallery of off-the-shelf skins map closely to WidgetBucks’ product categories, including entertainment (Batman, celebrities), tech and electronics (iPhone, GPS devices, XM Radio), fashion (handbags, flip flips), sports and outdoors (basketball, baseball), video games (Halo), and more. They are can be applied to six IAB standard sizes. The new skins only show up on WidgetBucks’ CPC widgets. CPM display ads will run without the new designs.

DIY design tools include two basic applications — MS Paint and Notepad, both standard on PCs (one Mac Paint equivalent is open-source software Seashore). These tools give publishers powerful customization ability to enable very integrated look-and-feel delivery of their WidgetBucks ad units on their sites.

Shown above is a 160×300 WidgetBucks ad widget as it appears on TechCrunch.

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