Track your Visitor’s Mouse Movements with RobotReplay

RobotReplay graphicNitobi, a software company in Vancouver, Canada has released RobotReplay, an online service that records and plays back visitor sessions for nearly any personal website, corporate site or blog. The recorded sessions show how visitors interact with a website — every mouse movement and click, keystroke, where users click, how far down the page they scroll and how long they stay on a site.

RobotReplay complements existing web analytics tools like Google Analytics, StatCounter or ClickTracks, and generates little ‘movies’. Nitobi uses the term ‘cinelytics’ made from combining the words ‘cinema’ and ‘analytics’.

How does it work?

As with other web tracking tools, you need to put a few lines of code into your site template (usually the footer template). Site visitors download a tiny Javascript file (less than 15kb), so there should be no impact on them. Depending on how busy RobotReplay’s servers are, you may notice a bit of sluggishness when you’re playing back recorded sessions, but that’s only during playback — it has no impact on the live site.

How much does it cost?

[tag]RobotReplay[/tag] is currently free. The creators of RobotReplay plan to offer a premium package for those users who want more advanced features.

What about privacy?

It’s up to you if you want to inform your site visitors or not. Am I running RobotReplay on RL Digital? No, not now. My opinion is that this service will be most useful to corporate and e-commerce sites.

Watch the video for more details:


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