Zap Unwanted Programs with the PC-Decrapifier

PC-DecrapifierThe PC Decrapifier uninstalls many of the common trialware and popup annoyances found on many of the PCs from big name OEMs. All of those programs are placed on your new PC because the big companies like Dell, HP, Gateway and others sell advertising space on your PC to improve their margins at the your expense. There is a complete list of the annoying programs on the PC Decrapifier website. Wow! That’s a long list.

[tag]PC Decrapifier[/tag] is free for personal use. It is also available for PC technicians at a small fee to use as a tool in their everyday business to save them a tremendous amount of time. The commercial version has the additional ability to automate itself.


  • Easy-to-use
  • No installation required
  • Multiple deletions
  • Free for personal use


  • No support
  • Works best on new PCs

I tried it on a 3-year old custom PC and found it didn’t work very well. It identified several programs that I wanted to zap including MusicMatch and the remnants of Symantec Live Update. I ended up having to ‘force the next step’, re-boot, and then remove the programs through the control panel.

The PC-Decrapifier website is very clear about this fact, “The PC Decrapifier was designed to remove programs from new computers running Windows XP or Vista. If you have an older PC and have some of the programs installed that are in the What it Removes list, then it might remove them, but not very likely”.

Still it is useful tool for older PCs to find any remaining trialware.