MySpace Age and Gender Demographics

Swivel is a great source for interesting data. If you haven’t browsed the site, it’s definitely worth a look. This interesting chart caught my eye. With MySpace constantly in the news, it’s worth looking at the demographics.

overall by age vs. male by age vs. female by age

MySpace users are concentrated in the under 40 age group heavy skewed toward the 20ish crowd. Interestingly, there are pockets of users around 70 and 100 years old!

I fit perfectly into the flat part of the graph as I don’t have a MySpace page.

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  1. Kevin Doyle

    I cannot explain the bubble of users at 70 but the one at 100 is easily explainable.

    The oldest age you can enter is 99 and some people find it ammusing to enter that as their age when it clearly is not. Don’t ask me why, but thats your reason.

  2. Robert Post author

    Thanks Kevin. That makes sense. I didn’t think there were a bunch of tech savvy centenarians on MySpace!

  3. schlimmbesserung

    I’m searching out MySpace demographics for work, which is how I ended up here so many months after the fact. The answer to the pocket at 70 is even more childish than 99. They’re not clustered around 70; they’re clustered around 69.

    I would also add that 99 is not necessarily to be funny; it’s because users can browse other users by age, body type, etc. I would bet 99 and “More to love” as body type have a high coincidence. People don’t want to be sought out by random strangers who think they’re good looking, so they choose the max age in hopes nobody will include that in their search parameters.

  4. Chris

    I can explain the age bubble: many girls use wildly inflated numbers to avoid turning up in searches by guys on the prowl. Im a photographer and have noticed that many of the girls I’ve shot who have myspace pages list their ages as 71 or 99, for instance.

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