MediaWhiz Acquires AuctionAds

News just broke that MediaWhiz has purchased Jeremy Schoemaker’s majority ownership of AuctionAds to fully acquire the company. AuctionAds was launched earlier this year as a partnership between Shoemoney Media and MediaWhiz.

This is good news for AuctionAds publishers who have suffered through outages and targeting/reporting problems especially over the last few weeks. AuctionAds was a victim of it’s own success. Rapid growthSince launch, [tag]AuctionAds[/tag] has registered over 25,000 publishers displaying 300+ million AuctionAds ads per day on their network. required scaling of servers beyond what a two-man team could provide.

AuctionAds is an [tag]eBay[/tag] affiliate marketing service that currently pays out 100% of eBay affiliate fees to publishers. Since eBay pays fees based on the total business a partner drives, AuctionAds can generate additional revenue from a combined network. Click on the image for more information.