Animated Email Signature from Feedburner

Feedburner (now owned by Google), a RSS feed management service, previously allowed only one animator per feed address. Most bloggers chose the headline animator to promote their site. That left email as a neglected source of targeted traffic.

As of April 4th, Feedburner has done a major Headline Animator Overhaul. Now, unlimited multiple animators are allowed for each feed address. You can style each animator to fit its intended destination. And, it’s all free!

Set-up is easy through the Feedburner admin panel. Instructions are provided on how to add the signature to Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Yahoo! Mail as well as workarounds for Gmail and Apple Mail.

Promote your site! Increase traffic! See my email signature below. Then, go over to Feedburner and get your own.

RL Digital