Customized Apple iPhones by ColorWare

iPhone by ColorWareTired of the same boring iPhone color? Especially, the bushed metal back? Try a customized iPhone by ColorWare. ColorWareColorWare Inc.(established in 2000) is an industry leader in altering the color of existing products. The idea behind ColorWare started with transforming the ubiquitous beige computer into a custom-colored work of art. is already known for its high-end laptop and iPod custom paint jobs. Now you can send them your iPhone for a fresh coat of paint and have it back in 8-10 business days. Or, buy a colored version directly from them. Either way, you have a choice of 18 metallic colors or 11 solid colors.

You can pick different colors for the iPhone back, bottom, frame, button, and Apple logo. Even optional ear buds and iPhone dock can be colored. With all the choices, the chances of running into someone with an identical color scheme are slim!

Cool paint jobs are available for other Apple products including iPods, iBooks/MacBooks, Powerbook/MacBook Pro, and Desktops. Be aware that coloring services are not available via international orders.


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