Blending an iPhone – Does it sell blenders?

I must admit. This a great marketing ploy by Utah-based Blendtec. Putting an iPhone in an Total Tabletop Blender. They have set-up and a separate website called WillitBlend and even an eBay auction to sell the ground-up iPhone. The video made it on the front page of Digg within 30 minutes after it was posted.

Previously, Blendtec has destroyed Transformers toys and a can of Easy Cheese. The company said they received special requests to blend an iPhone. Watch Tom Dickson’s now famous video.

My recommendation is to go on over to eBay and get a good deal on a iPhone. But don’t blend it. Enjoy it. One blended [tag]iPhone[/tag] is enough! A blender? Well, get one if you need one.