Become an eBay Affiliate with AuctionAds

If you are like me, you’ve probably wanted to link to items on eBay – but found the eBay affiliate program too complex to deal with. Well, now there is AuctionAds! Auction Ads (aka, AuctionAdsAuction Ads is jointly owned by ShoeMoney and MediaWhiz (the owners of Text Link Ads).) allows you to run eBay ads on your site without signing up directly with eBay. Bloggers get a portion of the revenue generated when someone clicks through their site to either purchase something from eBay or sign-up for a new eBay account. Actions are defined as a Winning Bid, a Buy-it-Now or a confirmed user registration.

The way AuctionAds works is that all publishers in their system come under one affiliate at eBay which means the earnings for everyone will be a lot higher than if any one individual became an affiliate (see eBay’s sliding pay out scale). For a limited time, AuctionAds will pass 100% of revenue generated on to the publisher. When the promotion period ends, AuctionAds will begin to take a little bit off the top of any money you earn.

Set-up is similar to other ad networks (e.g. AdSense, Chitika ) in that you select the ad parameters (ad size, colors etc) and then are given code to put into your blog. Ads are geo-targeted to your visitor’s local/country eBay site.

Program Details

Cookie Life: 30 days
Second Tier: Yes
Ad Formats: 11 ad formats + text link
Ad Targeting: Keyword
Languages: English only
Payment: PayPal ($50 minimum)
International Sites: Yes
Traffic Minimum: None

AuctionAds launched on March 6th. As of March 15th, they had surpassed 5,000 publisher sign-ups! A few days ago, they added a handy URL converter that lets you convert any eBay URL into an Auction Ads link. Now that’s cool!

Sign-up for AuctionAds and get started earning money. You can see an example of an Auction Ad (185×150 Small Rectangle) to the left. If you want to put an Auction Ad inside a WordPress post or page, you can use the AdSense Deluxe plugin or the Easy AuctionAds plugin (link below).

AuctionAds update April 6, 2007

Almost 7,500 publishers
23,530 items won on eBay through AuctionAds
464 new users active on eBay from AuctionAds
219 countries generated traffic
1 melted MySQL server

AuctionAds update June 7, 2007

On their 3 month anniversary, AuctionAds has 17,138 publishers. You can see how they are growing from the bandwidth graph below. So hurry and sign-up, if you haven’t already done so!

Auction Ads Bandwidth Graph

WordPress Plugins

There are two new 3rd party AuctionAds plugins for WordPress:
Easy AuctionAds
WordPress AuctionAds Widget

AuctionAds update January 11, 2008

AuctionAds has been re-branded as ShoppingAds. You can read about it here.