AffiliateBrand announces Amazon Associates Instant Report Notification

AffiliateBrand graphicAffiliateBrand has introduced an email notification service that will notify you by email the moment Amazon Associates report is updated. This new service alleviates the need for frequent visits your [tag]Amazon[/tag] Associates Central admin panel.

[tag]Amazon Associates[/tag] reports for a particular day are typically due by 9am on the following day. Frequently, these reports are posted even earlier or often come in very late, especially on days of heavy traffic to [tag][/tag]. According to AffiliateBrand, “the reason why reports are posted at unpredictable times is that Amazon must run a batch process that parses its web logs for any session that is tagged with an affiliate transaction. This process is dependent on computer load, traffic volume, and sometimes glitches in parsing code“.

This service is long overdue. There are a number of shareware utilities, WordPress plugins, and FireFox extensions for Google Adsense. Until now, there was no easy way to know when Amazon updated Associates reports. If you are one of the nearly one million Amazon Associates, go over to and sign-up for the free service.