WordPress 2.05 Release – A Big Yawn?

WordPress LogoI am huge fan of [tag]WordPress[/tag]. Don’t get wrong. It is simply the best piece of blogging code is existence. The Famous 5-Minute Install is near bullet-proof! And, 1,273,296 downloads speak for themselves. The iminent release of v2.05, however, looks to be ‘much ado about nothing’.

Here are the highlights of the changes. Don’t ask about the rest!

  • Improved security for the WordPress database backup plugin.
  • Plugins sorted by plugin name not filename.
  • User descriptions will be preserved going into the database.

Instead of these minor enhancements, how about fixing the atrociously bad WYSIWYG editor? Is it bad or what? I think any serious WordPress user has it disabled.

Also, the developers insist on preserving the legacy “nofollow” attribute automatically added to links inside the comments box.

Here is what they say on the change ticket for v2.05:

Under WordPress v2.0.4, the rel=”nofollow” attribute added to links inside the comments is duplicated whenever a comment is edited.

OK, the duplicate and triplicate attributes are gone. However, links are still tagged rel=”nofollow”. Is this tagging still necessary? Legitimate commenters are denied their backlinks. I understand that this a comment [tag]SPAM[/tag] disincentive. However, isn’t this problem well-handled by the Spam Karma and Akismet plugins?

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