AdSense Utilities


Below is a list of utilities that will enhance your Google AdSense experience.

Ads Black List (main page)

Description: Generates a custom list of those pesky MFA sites.

Cost: Free basic membership (requires registration)

AdSense Earnings WordPress Plugin (download page)

Description: Check your earnings in your DashBoard or Options page for specific time period. Show to the public how many $ do you have for today (optional).

Cost: Free

AdSense Log (download page)

Description: Automatically check your AdSense statistics. Lots of graphics.

Cost: Free to try ($50 to buy)

AdSense Notifier for FireFox (download page)

Description: Displays your AdSense earnings on the Firefox status bar.

Cost: Free

AdSense Status (download Page)

Description: AdSense Status is a plug-in for the Google Desktop sidebar. It displays information from AdSense for Content, Search, and Referrals.

Cost: Free

RevCheck (download page)

Description: Automates the repetitive task of logging in and checking your AdSense stats.

Cost: $29.95 (Promo $14.95)

SysSense (download page)

Description: SysSense is a personal desktop Google AdSense monitor. It keeps your current Google AdSense information in the Windows system tray.

Cost: Free (my favorite)