Ad Networks

Below is a list of alternatives (PPC and PPA) to Google AdSense. Other pay-per-click (ppc) ads can run on the same page as Google AdSense as long as they don’t look the same.

AdBrite – “The Internet’s Ad Marketplace”, is an e-commerce site. AdBrite sells ad space on thousands of websites. If you’re a publisher, use AdBrite to set your own ad rates, and approve or reject every ad that’s purchased for your site. AdBrite enables you to instantly sell ads to your visitors via a “Your Ad Here” link, in addition to selling through AdBrite’s marketplace and sales team. Good source of low-cost ($0.05 minimum ppc) traffic for advertisers. Referral program.

AffiliateSensorAffiliate Sensor’s context-relevant, text-link affiliate ad blocks let you choose from ClickBank’s over 10,000 products by copying and pasting a little JavaScript onto your web pages.

AllFeeds – Are you a Google AdSense account that’s tired of not getting paid for Google’s default public service listings? Replace them with technology today! With hardly any effort, you can add Allfeeds’s targeted listings to your existing Google AdSense account! It looks and feels the same but you get paid more often!

Amazon Associate Ads – Associates drive internet traffic to through specially formatted links (banners, product, and text) that allow you to track sales and other activity. Associates earn up to 8.5% in referral fees on all qualifying revenue made through their links. One of the oldest affiliate programs in existence.

ASE Adnet – is a new CPC ad network that is a direct competitor to TTZ Media. What’s the same? The ads look remarkably similar to TTZ Media Ads. What’s different? ASE Adnet is using a percentage based system rather than the tiered EPC structure offered by TTZ Media. The ASE Adnet system opens the door for higher (and lower) earnings per click.

AuctionAds is a new network owned by MediaWhiz (the owners of Text Link Ads). It’s a great way to put eBay ads on your site without having to join the complex eBay affiliate program. Set-up is similar to other ad networks (e.g. AdSense, Chitika ) in that you select the ad parameters (ad size, colors etc) and then are given code to put into your blog. Ads are geo-targeted to your visitor’s local/country eBay site. Merged with ShoppingAds (see below).

Azoogleads – AzoogleAds is a performance-based online advertising network comprised of a variety of effective large to medium vertical sites, portals and email publishers.

BidClix – Get paid more for your ad inventory. We find the highest yielding ads for your site through our proprietary optimization technology. Since advertisers compete for access to your valuable inventory on a bid-for-placement basis, this maximizes your effective CPM.

Bidvertiser – Founded in 2003 by Bpath. Bidvertiser offers PPC advertising via all types of standard ad units, including banners, buttons, skyscrapers and inline ads.

Chitika – Founded in 2003, Chitika has built a network of more than 12,000 participating blogs and websites, and is adding new members daily. Chitika’s flagship product eMiniMalls is an interactive shopping widget that does best on product-oriented sites such as photography blogs.

Claxon – Claxon Media offers you multiple ad formats, accurate stats, timely payments (check, wire, & Paypal), low minimum earning requirements, high fill rates, and the ability to preview ads, opt out of ads, and set up defaults. We also guarantee speedy replies to your questions and the best customer service possible.

ClickCent – Generating revenue, superior technology, a trusting partnership and customer support are the driving force of our Publisher network.

Clicksor – Clicksor will pay you up to 70% of the advertising clicks revenues generated from your website. Contextual Advertising Technology by Clicksor allows your visitors to enjoy the content of your website and bring generous earnings to you at the same time.

Clixgalore – Start earning large amounts of commission now by joining one of the many Affiliate programs listed in the clixGalore affiliate network.

ContextWeb – ContextAd provides a dramatic increase in click throughs, resulting in higher effective CPMs. Matching the most appropriate spots to the most appropriate advertisers translates into the ability to better manage and sell inventory. Additionally, the technology’s unique ability to bridge keyword and category targeting means it can access new inventory that publishers can offer advertisers, creating entirely new revenue streams. These factors represent critical competitive and economic differentiators in the rapidly evolving contextual advertising category.

CoverClicks – CoverClicks ads are shown all over the Internet through pop-ups, pop-unders, banner ads, text ads and more. Now you can work with one of the most profitable programs available at a payout usually reserved for the largest advertising networks.

eBay – Powerful but complex affiliate program. Must join multiple programs for international coverage. See Auction Ads (above), it’s easier and better-suited for blogs.

Fair Ads Network (FAN) – A contextual ad network similar to Google AdWords/AdSense, Yahoo! YPN, Bidvertiser and many others. What they’ve done differently is to combine all the marketing mediums in one place. You’ll can use text and image advertising, link ads, rich media (video & flash), CPM, CPA, and interstitials.

FastClick – Generating revenue, superior technology, a trusting partnership and customer support are the driving force of our Publisher network.

IntelliTXT – Vibrant Media’s patent-pending IntelliTXT technology highlights commercial text links from keywords appearing within pages of online content.

Kanoodle Bright Ads – Put Kanoodle’s sponsored links on your Web site and earn revenue with every click! No matter what type of content you have on your site, Kanoodle has BrightAds to match – so they’re always relevant and sure to appeal to your site’s visitors.

Kalator – Kalator is an ad service much like Google Adsense or Yahoo! Ads. The difference between Kalator and the others is Kalator only serves up Open Source Project ads. And putting your Open Source project’s ad on Kalator is, of course, free of charge.

Kontera – Kontera provides web publishers a new way to gain new and increased advertising revenue streams and take part of the booming online advertising market that is expected to grow by 2008 to a $15.6 billion market.

MIVA Adrevenue Express – MIVA AdRevenue XpressTM (ARX) provides immediate revenue opportunities to web publishers by monetizing website traffic.

Nixxie – UK-based Nixxie’s partnership solution uses intelligent technology that can read and understand the content of your websites pages. By doing so, Nixxie delivers advertising that is most relevant to the content of your web pages.

Quigo AdSonar – Make more money from your site traffic, on your terms. AdSonar gives you the tools to quickly and easily place advertisements on your site that will interest your users and produce clicks.

Revenue Pilot – RevenuePilot provides you with the most innovative, efficient and effective way to monetize your traffic.

Rydium – Rydium was founded in 1999 with a mandate to provide branding and direct response advertising opportunities across a group of niche content online publishers. Rydium continues to maintain its position as a premium online advertising company.

SearchFeed – By partnering with, Webmasters enhance site content while earning additional revenue from existing Web traffic.

Shareasale – Primarily a CPA/CPL ad network. However, they do offer pay per click ads if you sign up for them separately. You must apply for each program within the network prior to adding their ads. Users give good reviews about their datafeed system.

ShoppingAds – Latest PPC ad network from MediaWhiz that is based on the AuctionAds model. Currently in beta. ShoppingAds is not a contextually based ad product. Keywords are used to trigger ads. Payout by PayPal with $50 minimum for earnings. OK for international sites. Recently merged with AuctionAds. Now offers PPC and PPA ads.

Subvert and Profit – Not exactly an ad network. Low cost exposure on social media sites. Or, get paid to Digg, Stumble, and YouTube. Doubled their charges and payouts as of Jan. 16, 2008.

TargetPoint – Targetpoint’s services are particularly publisher-oriented: You’ll have absolute control over the appearance of your ads, supervision over ad content, up-to-date statistics on your site’s performance and, most importantly, better bottom-line revenue.

TTZ Media – John Chow’s PPC ad network that provides shopping ads to its affiliated sites. TTZ Media ads allows extra keyword matching for specific products. Completely customizable ads in 15 different banner sizes. Now open to lower traffic blogs and websites. Minimum payout is $25, payable by PayPal. Works best for USA-based product related sites.

Tumri was founded in 2004 with a vision to re-imagine online advertising for the interactive, user-driven Web (see site). No longer accepts individual publishers.

Yahoo! Publisher Network – Google AdSense competitor from Yahoo!.

Partly adapted from List of Google Adsense alternatives.